UPDATE: This is the new FOI Adopt-A-Flx page. Because the old page had relied on a web tool that is no longer functioning, we are starting fresh and using a new method of posting listings.

This is a summary of Flx's for sale reported by members and interested parties. If you know of a Flx bus for sale, converted, seated, running, or restorable, fill out the FORM to create a listing. If you don't see your dream rig yet, keep checking - we update as reports come in.

If you are planning on adding a listing, please read the tips and guidelines HERE. Any questions about listing or to update us if you would like us to remove your listing, please email us a

To create a listing, please fill out our new FORM HERE. If you have any issues with our new form, you can still use our old FORM HERE.

1953 Visaco $200,000

1947 Flxible Clipper

1952 Clipper $12,500

1948 Clipper $85,000 CAD

1974 Flxible $6,000

1955 Flxible Visicoach $10,000

1954 Flxible Visicoach $5,200

1968 Flxible $10,000 OBO

1987 Flxible Metro $10,000


1956 Flxible Visi $16,000


1954 Flxible Visicoach $54,900


1947 Clipper $5,000 OBO


1945 Maine Flx $5,000


1966 Flxible $10,000


1945 Flxible Coach $3,000


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