1953 Visaco

1953 Visaco

Location: Louisville, Kentucky 40223


It's a six cylinder Cummins diesel with an Allison transmission with probably 80,000 mi on it The interior looks like a '50s diner it's in very good condition there are a few issues that we've had since we moved to a cold climate that need to be fixed it's red red and beige it was at the hundred-year anniversary in loudonville The interiors really good and good very good shape The paint's got a couple of chips on it The water heaters broken but I bought a new one it just hasn't been installed The tires aren't terribly old The last time it was driven was about 2 years ago it's got it'll go 80 miles an hour up a hill and pull a full-sized car had a lot of fun in it we've been everywhere it's been the Alaska and all over the United States except Hawaii we are just gotten too old and we can't drive it anymore so we're sorry to have to sell it

Asking Price: $200,000

Jean Bader

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