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The 2005 Winter Rally – Wickenburg, AZ

Photos submitted by the Brannons

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Bernard & Rosalie Juchli – Visicoach

Dave and Carol Lang’s Beautiful ’57 Starliner

Challe Visicoach and Yother Early Clipper

Clipper Row

Ferrin – Visi, Brannon – Visi
Nowell – VL100

Glass, Myers, – VL100’s
and Warren Bus

VL100 (Hodge)
and Ericksen Transit

Lamar VL and
Flamang Visi

Moreland Visi and Kling IBF
(In between Flx’s)

Quisenberry, Worth,
and Cooper

Roy Muranaka and VL

Valles VL
and Challe Visi

“Miss Daisy” Brannon at
Wickenburg City Campground

Wither, Cooper,
and Keil

Margie Vallek –
A Purple Day

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