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      This forum is solely intended for sharing information about Flxible buses and related topics among members of the Flxible Owners International club (FOI). With the exception of the Off Topic section, please restrain yourself from posting information that is not relevant to the focus of this forum.

      The overall flavor of the discussions within these topis is to remain positive with the intention of being helpful while showing respect for all FOI members. Anyone who regularly becomes hostile in their remarks, posts an abundance of negative comments or has the tendency of posting off-topic information in the general sections of this forum can be removed at the administrators discretion.

      When responding to a post on the forum, only quote the relative part of the original post. Anyone consistently quoting an entire thread will be cautioned to stop such activity and can be removed from the forum if they refuse to change their behavior.

      Please do not post an abundance of unrelated information in response to any post which might have the effect of changing the general flavor of the topic being discussed. If you have an abundance of unrelated information, then create a new discussion devoted to such a topic.

      In general, please come to this forum with the intention of being helpful and positive so that we can share our passion for Flxible products.

      After posting to this forum, you will be able to edit your post for 24 hours, after which time, your post can only be changed by an administrator.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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