Flxible Bus Rally - 2020 2021

August 26-30, 2020

August 25 - 30, 2021

Loudonville, Ohio  **  Mohican Adventures Campground


Flxible Owners International

Invites ALL BUS & CAMPER ENTHUSIASTS to our Bi-Annual

 Flxible Bus Rally

Loudonville, Ohio

August 25-30, 2021

Flxible Bus Rally bringing it back to the home of the Original Motor Coach

Loudonville, OH –

Flxible Owners International (FOI) has released the 2020 Flxible Bus Rally schedule and information for their bi-annual Bus Parade. The Rally will be held from August 26-30, 2020 at Mohican Adventures campground in Loudonville, Ohio. This year’s event includes tours of the Ohio State Penitentiary (site of the movie The Shawshank Redemption), Malabar Farms, and Landoll’s Castle. Organizers have arranged for transportation to and from each of the off-site events as well as an enhanced parade of buses through historic downtown Loudonville.

The parade of buses will include parking the Flxible buses on Main Street in downtown Loudonville for a few hours on Saturday, Aug 29. Chair of the 2020 Flxible Rally Planning Committee, Dr Brian Santin said, “We think it only appropriate to showcase to the public and Loudonville community these amazing marvels of engineering.” This will allow the public to peek inside the buses as well as vote for People’s Choice Best Bus and participate in a 50/50 raffle amongst other activities. Food trucks and local shops are also supporting the event including a DJ and announcer who will entertain the crowd and provide individual histories of each bus in the parade.

Other events during the 5-day Rally include neighborly nightly campfires, ice cream social, BBQ chicken and ribs dinner, and a local Amish prepared dinner. Thursday evening will dazzle attendees with live entertainment singing tunes from James Taylor, Jim Croce, John Denver and the like while Friday night will feature an outdoor bus-themed movie and popcorn on the big screen! Bus experts will be on hand Saturday afternoon to provide advice and relate experiences of working on all types of buses.

Flxible Buses have been memorialized on the logo of the Family Motor Coach Association as many view Flxible buses to be amongst the original motor coaches. FOI is an organization focused on all things Flxible Bus related, maintains a Flxible bus Facebook page, website, and publishes a Flxible newsletter throughout the year.  Flxible buses were manufactured in Loudonville, Ohio beginning in 1913 and until the closing of the company in 1996.


For information and registration forms for the 2020 Flxible Bus Rally please visit the Flxible Owners International Facebook page.

To contact Brian Santin, 2020 Flxible Bus Rally Planning Committee Chair feel free to contact him via briansantin@gmail.com.


Location of the FLXIBLE rally is at Mohican Adventures:

You have to make camping reservations separate from Rally, contact Mohican Adventures, Tell them you are with Flxible Rally, see website below.



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